Six Steps To Sales Success

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Master Sales Through Knowledge, Skill, And Discipline

The way to reach breakout performance in digital marketing sales is the same six step formula for becoming adept at anything, from building relationships to programming Python. It’s about mastering performance through knowledge, skill, and discipline. Digital Marketing Agencies are clamoring for high-impact closers and we know what it takes to get you there.

The U.S. national sales closing rate is just 28%, and 48% of sales calls end without an attempt to close the sale.
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Of US based digital marketing agencies make less than $10,000 per month according to Business Insider.
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Key Takeaways

Program Experience

Surround Yourself With 100'S Of Digital Marketing Sales Professionals

Weekly Live Sessions With 7 & 8 Figure Digital Marketing Sales Coaches

150+ Videos Encompassing The Six Steps To Sales Success

Knowledge, Skill, Discipline, Advanced Personal Development

Peer Learning & Feedback

Dedicated Program Support Team

Interactive Exercises & Team Training

Knowledge, Skill, Discipline, Advanced Personal Development

Who Is This Program For?

This program is designed for digital marketing sales professionals or beginners who own their own business or are employed by a digital marketing agency that desires to grow and scale. However, since we all need to sell ourselves and our ideas in one capacity or another, any professional who wants to become a more effective, confident seller will benefit from these techniques, including:

*To maximize impact, sales teams are encouraged to join as a team. Special pricing is available for group enrollments

Program Topics

In this online program by Digital Sales Society, you’ll gain an end-to-end perspective of the sales process.

Module 1: Enhancing your Selling and Persuasion Skills: Knowledge, Skill, and Discipline

Module 2: Targeting: Mapping, Creating Personas, Planning Your Week, and Researching Your Competitors

Module 3: Lead Generation Tactics: Building Your Network, Cold Calls, Email Sequences, LinkedIn Strategies, Facebook Strategies and Proactive Pursuit

Module 4: Providing Value at the Right Time for the Right Reasons

Module 5: Nurturing Prospects: Qualifying Prospects, Listening and Asking Questions, and Acing the Meeting

Module 6: Presentation Build Out: Scope of work and how you can bring the value

Module 7: Presenting and Closing The Deal: How to Engage Your Audience and Win Business

Module 8: Going Above and Beyond and Delighting Clients

Module 9: Giving Feedback, Optimizing Your Weekly One-On-Ones, and Building a Sales Culture

Module 10: Mindset, Discipline, And Scaling: Massive Action

Sales Discipline

Program Faculty

Joshua T Osborne

Before I was the entrepreneurial, business minded, teacher that you see today, there was a long road of struggles and challenges that shaped me as a person. I have been down on my luck more times than I can count. I have made so many mistakes, but I have also seen my hard work go unappreciated. All of these experiences matter. From the highest highs of success to the deepest depth of failure, every moment has shaped my mindset, my heart, and my skills. I never understood exactly where I was supposed to fit in, but eventually I realized that not fitting in was my ticket to everything I wanted.

One thing that always got me in trouble when I was a kid was the fact that I could never just sit still and do as I was told. For a really long time, I believed people that told me this was going to be a problem and that I was never going to be anything because I wasn’t falling in line the way they wanted me to. Eventually, I had to realize that my desire to always be moving, and my hunger to learn new things, was actually my strength. I started to see entrepreneurs and business leaders that I identified with that were making their own path to success, instead of continuing down the path others laid out. Once I realized that my success was in my own hands, and that I could help change the world for the better, I started running towards my goals.

What is absolutely amazing about the advancement of the internet, is that it has allowed those of us with unique personalities and common interests to find each other. As I began to realize that there was an entire community of other business minded entrepreneurs, I got more and more excited and wanted to learn as much as possible right away. It was never easy, because I had to invest so much in order to get where I wanted to go. I had to put in the time. The time to learn the most effective way to grow a business, to make sales, and to utilize every tool available. I had to invest my money. Getting started required classes, seminars, books, and groups like this one to teach me how to use my own skills and passion to help businesses grow. Most importantly, I had to invest with my passion. The most important step as you reach for financial success, business growth, and making your mark, is putting all of yourself into the work.

Simon Poulus

Simon Poulus is an Australian who owns and operates one of San Diego’s fastest-growing Digital Marketing Companies. With a focus on helping businesses survive COVID or scaling up their own business to new levels, Simon has successfully partnered with many different industries to share the benefits of his successful marketing campaigns.

Simon’s business growth is a direct result of the SOSA program’s steps; he tripled his company size in only six months. Since he learned the program, Simon has seen sales continue to skyrocket at Little Big Marketing San Diego by implementing this process across his entire team.

Simon decided it was time to give back and share the techniques that lead to such success. Simon has partnered with two of the top sales training experts in the industry. Together they created a program that would help people drastically increase their income by using six simple steps which are easy and accessible for everyone.

Simon has proven to be a successful business development consultant with his innovative approach, which allowed him to help numerous other Digital Marketing businesses scale at an extremely fast rate.

The company’s most recent course, released just last month, features a simple six-step training program that has resulted in the majority of students generating a six-figure salary in just eight weeks. Simon himself offers up this information as evidence for his process’s efficacy and its possible application to other businesses looking to grow at an accelerated rate.

“To me, being a mentor and advisor is about helping students reach their full potential. I never imagined that my career would lead to seeing so many people become financially independent through business ownership.” Simon reflects on his love for the work he does as an entrepreneur who has mentored hundreds of future entrepreneurs to help them achieve great success in all aspects of life.

A little more about Simon

Prior to Digital Marketing Consulting., Simon had been an electrician for over ten years while simultaneously setting up various real estate investments both domestically and internationally. Along with real estate investing, he has always been looking for the perfect way to find financial and time freedom. When his daughter was born last year, it inspired him more than ever before in life: a true believer of “givers gain,” Simon’s passion is now impacting others through giving back as much as possible.

“Helping businesses grow at such an accelerated rate has been a dream come true,” admits Simon when asked how it feels after watching countless numbers of students learn from him and reach the financial freedom they had previously thought impossible. “I will continue working tirelessly until every student can do the same without any barriers or limitations holding them back.”


Upon successful completion of the program, Digital Advertising Association grants a verified digital sales certificate of completion to participants. This program is graded as a pass or fail; participants must complete 80% to pass and obtain the certificate of completion.

After successful completion of the program, your verified digital certificate will be mailed to you in the name you used when registering for the program. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of Digital Advertising Association.

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